Year 2 Project

CoVaRR-Net Researchers

Doug Manuel, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Wastewater Surveillance Research Group Director, Pillar 8 Deputy, and Project Lead

Nazeem Muhajarine, University of Saskatchewan, Wastewater Surveillance Research Group Member, Pillar 8 Co-Lead
Cory Neudorf, University of Saskatchewan, Pillar 8 Co-Lead
Jeremy Grimshaw, University of Ottawa, Pillar 9 Co-Lead
Melissa Brouwer, University of Ottawa, Pillar 9 Co-Lead

Lay Summary

Our research aims to evaluate the role of wastewater-based surveillance for the current COVID-19 pandemic and other emerging and endemic health risks. We will build on the current support for wastewater surveillance and push toward more sustainable public health efforts by facilitating public health analysis of wastewater surveillance methods. This will include case study reporting and the development of an evaluation framework for wastewater surveillance programs to ensure that future surveillance efforts are guided by the best evidence-informed practices.


$175,000 cash contribution