CIEDAR (CoVaRR-Net’s Indigenous Engagement, Development, and Research Pillar 7) is an Indigenous and woman-led group of researchers, public health workers, and community members across Turtle Island. We are passionate about seeing Indigenous communities thrive during current and future pandemics. Our mandate is to build strong partnerships with and be relevant to Indigenous communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Executive team

Kimberly Huyser

Dr. Kimberly R. Huyser


University of British Columbia

Katherine Collins

Dr. Katherine A. Collins

CIEDAR co-Lead

University of Saskatchewan

Michelle Johnson-Jennings

Dr. Michelle Johnson-Jennings

CIEDAR co-Lead

University of Washington

Tamara Chavez

Project Manager

University of British Columbia

Mary Jessome

Research Manager

University of British Columbia

Carly Morrisseau

Social Media and Communications Coordinator

University of British Columbia

CIEDAR’s Advisory Council

CIEDAR’s advisory council is key to the research activities and efforts of CIEDAR. They direct and guide our research and outreach efforts by providing expert advice, participating in all stages of the research process, and connecting us to community. Specifically, they:

  • are research collaborators
  • are representatives of their communities as they contribute valuable insight into the needs of Indigenous communities
  • receive and disseminate updates from CIEDAR to their respective communities and networks

Sheila Blackstock

Maureen Dobbins

Elder Felix J. Lockhart

Renée Masching

Calvin Racette

Partner with us

Central to CIEDAR’s work is a commitment to building strong partnerships

Interested in partnering with us? Contact tamara.chavez@ubc.ca