CoVaRR-Net Researchers

Melissa Brouwers, University of Ottawa, Pillar 9 Co-Lead
Jeremy Grimshaw, University of Ottawa, Pillar 9 Co-Lead

John Lavis, McMaster University, Pillar 9 Deputy
Justin Presseau, University of Ottawa, Pillar 9 Deputy


Janet Curran, Dalhousie University
Alfonso Iorio, McMaster University
Julian Little, University of Ottawa
Andrea Tricco, Unity Health Toronto
Holly Witteman, Université Laval

Lay Summary

Scientific evidence has emerged rapidly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been challenging for all Canadians (citizens, healthcare professionals, decision makers, and researchers) to keep up with – and make the best use of – such quickly evolving evidence. With the emergence of variants of concern (VOCs), it is even more critical that we develop a way to overcome the challenges associated with assessing and summarizing an ever-changing evidence base and implement effective strategies for communicating important information to Canadians.

The Pillar 9 Knowledge, Implementation and Training Team (KITT) at CoVaRR-Net is committed to undertaking state-of-the- art activities that support the timely gathering and distribution of evidence so that people can make decisions based on the best available information. Through this project, we will:

  • Develop automated search tools to identify the most up-to-date information available for VOCs;
  • Create summaries of evidence on topics related to VOCs and update them regularly; and
  • Adapt an existing web application to communicate complex information regarding VOCs to the public.

Together, these three elements will leverage existing research and infrastructure to avoid duplication of effort, and ensure timely access to high-quality information regarding VOCs for all Canadians.


CoVaRR-Net: $200,000 cash contribution