Year 2 Project

CoVaRR-Net Researchers

Kimberly R. Huyser, University of British Columbia, Lead of Pillar 7: Indigenous Engagement, Development, and Research Achievements (CIEDAR), and Project Lead

Katherine A. Collins, University of Saskatchewan, Pillar 7 Deputy
Michelle Johnson-Jennings, University of Washington, Pillar 7 Deputy

CIEDAR P7 Advisory Council Members

Sheila Blackstock (Gitxsan Nation), Thompson Rivers University
Maureen Dobbins, McMaster University
Felix Lockhart, Elder (Lutselk’e Nation)
Renee Masching, Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network

CIEDAR P7 International Collaborators

Karina Walters, University of Washington
Aggie Yellow Horse, Arizona State University

Lay Summary

First Nations People living on a reserve had 4.3 times the case rate of COVID-19 compared to the general Canadian population in November 2021. The pandemic has exacerbated historical challenges associated with systemic racism, overcrowded housing, and the high incidence of chronic disease within Indigenous communities in Canada.

In Year 2, we intend to continue pursuing our research mandate, which is to ensure that Indigenous voices are heard during the current – and future – pandemics by identifying needs and positive coping strategies/strengths for Indigenous communities. Under the guidance of our Advisory Council, we will endeavor to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Create an infrastructure that will facilitate open lines of communication between Indigenous communities/leaders and researchers/policymakers.
  2. Engage communities in active listening to understand Indigenous Peoples’ personal experiences and commonalities.
  3. Amplify Indigenous voices and experiences in order to support community initiatives that address community needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic and bring about effective change.

Our role is to grow, listen, and amplify Indigenous Peoples’ lives and life experiences across Turtle Island during the COVID-19 pandemic.


$625,000 cash contribution