Pillar 4
Functional Genomics & Structure-Function of VOCs

The rapid advancement of DNA sequencing technology has revolutionized biological research, allowing scientists to conduct complex experiments that produce a vast amount of data. Viral genome sequencing and viral functionality assays have also been accelerated by high-throughput DNA sequencing. DNA sequencing data, however, comes in various formats requiring specialized software to make sense of it. Until now, there has not been a flexible tool capable of interpreting these diverse data types and converting them into a format suitable for analysis. To accelerate the viral genome sequencing and neutralization assay inmCoVaRR-Net, we developed a versatile software tool INTERSTELLAR. It can take the data generated by virtually any DNA sequencing experiment and convert it into a format that other analysis tools can understand. Whether the data comes from experiments looking at single cells or mapping out where genes are active within tissues, INTERSTELLAR can handle it. INTERSTELLAR not only makes it easier for scientists to analyze their data using a variety of software tools but also simplifies the code development and sharing of analysis methods across the scientific community.

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A universal sequencing interpreter. Yusuke Kijima, Daniel Evans-Yamamoto, Hiromi Toyoshima, Nozomu Yachie. Scientific Advances. 2023.01.04.add2793; https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciadv.add2793